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It started in a steamer trunk. 

A massive trunk my grandparents used when they were crossing the Atlantic back and forth between New York and Europe. At the time, the 1950s, they travelled aboard ocean liners with beautiful names like “Liberté”. 

My grandparents loved to travel and moved homes often. Rome, New York, Paris, Washington, Geneva… they always had one foot on either side of the pond. 

Air travel replaced sea travel, and this trunk found its way into my parents' country house, in the North of France. It rested in the living room and became a familiar sight as I was growing up. I would contemplate its faded travel stickers and dream of all the places it had seen, the treasures it had hold over the seas. My father would tell us stories of his travels across the ocean, the magical sound of the ship’s siren heard from their home near Central Park, the excitement when hurrying to the pier on the Hudson and boarding the ship that same night to go to France…

To me, the trunk held the promise that one day, I would go to New York (...)


When I got a place of my own in Paris, I took the beloved trunk with me and started filling it with fabrics - an ikat from a trip to Bali, ginghams from the Marche St Pierre in Montmartre, indigoes friends brought back from Japan, handwoven khadis sent from a friend in India... At the time, I was a writer but I longed to make clothes and nestled my dreams into the trunk. 

When Nicolas - my husband - and I moved to San Francisco in 2005, the trunk came along and crossed the ocean once again. There, I was studying fashion design and kept filling the trunk with linens and liberty prints I found at Britex on Geary street, as well as some intriguing yardages discovered in the school fabric’s bins.

When we moved to New York in 2008, the trunk was filled to the brim with promising fabrics - vintage garments waiting to be transformed, decades old pristine linens from my grandmother’s closet in the South of France - yet I was designing for other companies and had little time to sew on my own. One day, I’ll do something with these fabrics, I kept telling myself. One day! 

When our daughter Emma was born, I opened the trunk and started sewing little clothes for her, awakening the fabrics I had collected all these years. Soon, I started sewing clothes for others as well. It’s been a meaningful and joyful journey ever since and I’m happy to share it with you.